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Getting a Good Service Provider of Flyer Printing

Different companies have various marketing techniques that they use to endorse or introduce their services to the public. Flyer printing is one of the techniques have been found to work for businessmen of all kinds. Whether you are a club owner, a cosmetic shop owner, or even if you own a legal firm, flyer printing is a sure way to market your products or services. Continue reading

Best 5 Promotional products for your Business

We all know that business is always a tighter arena. There are competitors in smallest of businesses and the biggest of them. It is very important to constantly use the creative fiber of your body to enhance and make your product a talk at every household. Much as your products are meant for business and industry you still want to grab the attention of the market towards you.

But, what with cynicism and scrutiny being a part of everyone’s life and so many product promoters are offering even more mouth watering deals, it becomes difficult to tap the right market and establish yourself there.

For these reasons, it is important to have certain promotional items that are loquacious about your product more than you. They act like mediators and reach up to the households and businesses easily and market your product better. It is basically capturing the psychology of a regular customer that is more challenging and it makes the entire difference.

So, what are these products? Let’s have a look at these mentioned below and see if it strikes a chord with you:

Promotional Pens: Pens are always going to be the best and the most favorite of the market and of the customer. It is an item that is being used by every individual daily and what better way to enter the mind of your potential customer through the pen that they use to write daily! Pens are forever to stay as the topmost sold promotional item like that of a popular advertisement.

Promotional Mugs: Mugs grab the second favorites as they too strike upon a human mind. Used in daily life in households and offices and almost everywhere that you go, mugs become the most favorite as they come in variety shapes and sizes catering to a customer’s taste.

Promotional Water Bottles: This would be a good target item for people who are into sports as they are the ones who maximum use water bottles to store water or certain makes for storing juices. It is a popular item with office goers also as they too keep a spare bottle always on their desk. Having a promotional water bottle campaign lets you target the right audience.


Promotional T-Shirts: T-shirts have been there in every generation. From children to elders, everybody wears and you can even hire certain people to wear the t-short with your company seal around the town and indirectly market your brand. Remember, t-shirts covers a larger group of people and making into their minds should be your major concern.

Promotional Key Rings: Key chains are also used everywhere. Every car or bike has its own key and its own key ring which can be unique and different from the others. So, targeting the daily using key rings makes it really easy to target the kind of people you are looking for.

Business is not something that can be done without marketing and a good business needs a good marketing strategy. Choose your unique brand promotion style!

Author Bio:

Kevin Maddox is a brand development consultant and analyst and works for big names. Also having experience of advertisement and market analysis and strategy, Kevin has been through the thick and thin of brand establishment and advertisement creation for the client base.

Online Website Advertising Rates

Business Frontiers, Vol. 6, No. 1.


Title: Online Website Advertising Rates

Publication date: July, 2013.

Authored by Dr. Arpan K Kar



This paper can be cited as follows: Kar, A.K. (2012). Deciding Advertising Rates in Online Media – A Practical Guide, Business Frontiers, 6(1), 1-10.

Abstract: Deciding the advertising rates for online media can often be very challenging. Most bloggers and webmasters fall into a dilemma while deciding the advertising rates for websites and blogs. This essentially is a multi-criteria decision making problem and needs a systematic approach for deciding the rates. This study identifies 8 criteria which may be used for deciding the pricing strategy for any publisher. Further this article provides a systematic approach to decide the best valuation of advertising rates for a web based publishing platform, be it a blog or website


To download the complete article, please visit this link: Deciding Advertising Rates in Online Media – A Practical Guide


Keywords: Social Media, Web 2.0, Online Advertisements, Pricing, Rates.

Business Frontiers is a premium series of refereed open source white-papers on critical emergent issues and classic topics in business and management including but not limited to marketing management, technology management, e-business, finance, economics, human resources, organizational behavior and general management. Articles published as open source white-papers in Business Frontiers are copyrighted using a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Please visit the publication page for more details on Business Frontiers. For submission of original articles for publication, please read the Guide for Authors and the Call for Papers.


The Role of Bandit Signs in the Promotion of Business

Which are the ways to promote the business if it is not online? There are some other ways like advertisements, posters and billboards. But apart from all these, there are bandit signs, which have their distinctive importance in the promotion of businesses. Standing high or short, these boards elegantly represent and promote their associated company. Ever since their existence they have been one of the prominent sources of marketing a business or campaign. These boards have proven their use to provide an ultimate growth to the businesses.

These sign boards are not only meant for promoting the business but they are also available for various purpose. They are most commonly used for road signs, road side signs, and street signs to name some of them. These sign boards provide excellent idea to display the message all the day long, to be viewed and noticed by many people who are passing by. These are found everywhere and proven to be one of the options to help in people awareness.

The Types And Uses-

These sign boards provide open options as they can be used as and when required by the users. Other than representing the messages they are not limited to any particular use. A person can know about the availability of a home, property, any product, any social gathering, any community or about various other aspects which he is not aware about. The most common example is they redirect the people to their desired destinations. These boards are available in various shapes and sizes ranging from standard smallest to standard large size as needed and required by the users.

Who can use these sign boards?

As such these sign boards can be used by wide category of people due to their multiple options. However, in most of the cases these sign boards are generally used by professionals. They include- realtors, real estate investors, political candidates, credit repair businesses, roofers, landscapers, car buyers and sellers, cleaning companies, swimming pool services. Apart from these, the sign boards serve special purpose to many other corporate, organizations, industries and other sectors.

These sign boards can be very well customized according to the use and requirement of the user. There are various alternatives available to get a high quality sign board. There are some stores which allow the people to create or design their own sign boards. The people can also upload their artwork to any one of the stores online to make the sign boards eye catchy so that they easily noticed by the people.

The people will also get distinct designs for various sectors either associated with political, real estate, business or any other sectors.

The Applicable Method-

There is no limitation to provide the information on these types of sign boards. The best part is that, the users can easily target the required people for their needs as they provide maximum information within less period of time. Also, they don’t need to pay high for this purpose however, to grab more potential clients; the marketers need to draw some extra bucks from their pockets. The only thing required to get a regular flow of call from the customers is to provide them contact details and secondly to explain and convince them by giving complete information.

The Effective Use-

To avail maximum benefits from these sign boards, the users must consult with the experts of the sign boards. They will help to guide their customers about the proper sign boards which could turn out profitable for them. Additionally, the colors also have their special role in these sign boards, either in the sun or during the night. Although, the provided information keeps a major priority on the sign boards, they should not be stuffed with information. This gives a poor and messy look to the boards. Rather than that a simple and short technique should be acquired which would make the things look adorable. The other important thing is the priority of phone numbers than that of the websites. Phone numbers help to make an easy and quick approach of the customers instead of the websites. The users should make use of at least 10-15 sign boards in their marketing area. This helps the customers to know that they are near to their destination area. Other than that, the sign boards are best to be used in the areas like major intersections, off ramps and other parts of highway. These areas help to attract the attention of the ongoing people.

Bandit Signs are one of the best sources of lead generations. They help to flourish the business to their maximum. Additionally, these sign boards also prove out a perfect option for other sectors. No doubt they are small tools, yet they build up a great platform for the marketers. This is indeed one of the affordable methods for marketing.

Author’s Bio: Kelvin is a well known realtor, who believes in the use of Bandit Signs for marketing purpose. He has made a close study for these sign boards and also aware the people especially the marketers about their use and productivity.

5 Ways to Make Business Cards Memorable

Creating a connection through the use of business cards can make a great first impression for your business. Although some people may think the business card is archaic, designing a dynamic business card with essential information can not only help brand your business, it can drive more clients your way. Read on for five easy ways to make sure your business card rises to the top of the pile.

Color is the Key

Different colors send out different subliminal messages. Understanding the message colors give off can go a long way when creating a card that will stand out. Typical card colors include white, black, silver and blue. According to Empower Yourself with Color Psychology, using white for a business card sends out the message your business is safe and conservative. It provides the perfect canvas to use other colors in your font or tagline. White also allows you to create eye-catching designs with bright colors in other areas on the card, but don’t be afraid of choosing a bold color to really make your card stand out.

Get Rid of Graphics

Unless your business uses a specific graphic for branding purposes, do not use one on your business card. And definitely do not use clip art, since it gives off a cheap vibe to your business, says The Huffington Post. Adding non-relevant art makes your brand seem inconsistent and can confuse receivers about the tone your brand is projecting.

QR Codes Make Connections

Including a QR code as part of your business card entices receivers to learn more about your brand and become more invested in your marketing messages. The code could take potential clients to your website, to a fun YouTube video about your business, or to a special deal provided by your company. When trying to set yourself apart from the competition, integrating technology into a traditional business card ensures receivers will spend more time focusing on your card and your business.

Quality Counts

Another way to make your business logo stand out is by using quality paper. Although it might be tempting to use cheap paper, you can get business card printing for less while still using a high-quality paper, recycled material or plastic. Choose paper that will hold up and allow customers to write additional information about your company if needed. For this reason, FixBuildandDrive.com suggests avoiding glossy cards.

Make the Most of Space

Business cards are already tiny, so don’t create clutter that makes the card difficult to decipher. Analyze what information is most important to present to whomever you give your card to. If you’re a social media manager, make sure your top networks are displayed, but don’t write mission statement paragraphs on your cards that will overwhelm the receiver. Just as you’d stay focused in business, make your card focused, too. Keep in mind, less info makes a stronger impact.

Indeed business cards have a lot to deliver when it comes to branding. What kinds of business cards have stood out to you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Why to Hire Explainer video production Company for higher conversion rates

Explainer Videos are the fastest and easiest way of introducing your business, products, and services to your potential customers. When you have a single chance to create an impression, why to waste it with an unimpressive video! Therefore, it is wise to go for a top-notch video because only a superior and first-rated video can go a long way to hook and convert potential customers. These are usually short videos spelling out a clear message. It conveys detailed information about your product or service and how it is going to benefit your prospective customers. It may be a short production video or a high production piece for the home page of your website, but in all cases it needs to strike the potential customers and snatch their attention, which they understand and remember for long; an Explainer Video that is capable of reflecting that it has the solution against the problem of the customer. Today, the videos on the Internet have one thing in common, they are all professionally done.


The demand for explainer videos is on the rise. Explainer videos are in use for a long time to teach and train, be it for making the students understand complex topics or getting the key points across the to the employees. But in the world of marketing too it is gaining increasing popularity. Today the major corporations or the start-ups nationwide, both are using it and the reason is obvious that they simply work. For an explainer video the Story is the base with script, storyboard, sound design and animation as its key elements. It is the script which should be at the center. The script should be such which is memorable, fun to watch and able to deliver your message in an entertaining way. This is where lies the importance of hiring professionals; the Explainer video production Company.

Why to Hire Explainer video production Company for higher conversion rates:

  • You may like to do it yourself; start it with planning, then sketching out drafts or trying to Photoshop. But the fact is, planning a video and bringing it all to fruition is quite difficult.  You will realize that you have not gone far with it and by this time quite a valuable time period would be lost. Trying to do it all yourself means ending up without achieving the desired results. To create an explainer video and execute the work a careful planning is necessary. This is where you need the talent and expertise of Explainer video production Company with professional videographers and graphic artists.
  • Hiring professionals for creating explainer video means an opportunity of a lot more creativity and a lot less hassle at the same time. By trying to create it on your own you can waste a lot of time and when time means money, a huge amount of money is wasted in the process. On the other hand, hiring an Explainer Video Production Company you are surely not going to spend that much. The qualified and expert professionals will help you save your priceless time and create a video that would serve your purpose.
  • Explainer Video is a powerful marketing tool; you need to make the best use of it and the professionals can be the best people for that. Creating a video requires lot of factors like considering your target audience and engaging your customers and so on. With an impressive video you can have the added bonus of reaching past your target audience and attracting those segments of customers which you never imagined to have. Am explainer video is a vital tool for introducing and explaining your brand and it is a proven fact that they increase product conversions.
  • Hiring an Explainer video production Company you will get the professional expertise and quality you expect. Storyboard and a voice over of some kind are vital parts of a video. When a great script and all the motion graphics are there to work on your project, the plan and execution is sure to be seamless. Many big name companies improve their search engine visibility by producing explainer video for their websites.

Explainer video provides an excellent way of promoting your brand and your product. But the point is you have a very small window of opportunity to explain what your product can do for them. It’s about engaging the customers before they lose interest in your video. This is why it is the best option to hire an Explainer video production Company with skilled professionals who can produce a video that will state your message and serve your purpose.


Author Bio: Kevin Maddox is an expert of animated videos who has been working in this field for the past 7 years now. He likes to impart his thoughts with his readers pertaining Explainer Video Production. In this article he is sharing some valuable information with us on the reasons to hire Explainer video production Company for higher conversion rates.