Why your business should invest in the future of printing

More than half of businesses are completely in the dark about how much they are spending on printing.

A major provider of printing ink, Cartridge World, states that on average, businesses spend £436 a year per employee on printing. Translate these costs across a large workforce and you’re left with a very large number as well.Yet while printing is a big cost, the demands of this industry are not changing any time soon. According to SmithersPira, the print industry could be worth $980 billion by 2018, fueled largely by demand for packaging and labelling.With costs and demands rising, any solution that helps businesses to slash their bill is extremely lucrative. (more…)

Top 5 Tips To Pick The Best Cell Phone Spy Software In 2016

Cell phone spy software programs are boon when you have to track the activities of a person through his or her cell phone. It could be that you are sensing that your teen master is unfortunately in some wrong crowd or that one of your employees is sabotaging your business interest- in such situations these software will reveal the target’s conduct over the cell phone so that you can gain the needed insights about their whereabouts. However, you will be spoilt for choices given the increasing number of mobile phone spy software programs today but then again not all such programs would be compatible for you. Thus, the article below offers you the top 4 tips to remember before you choose your cell phone spy software. (more…)

Is 2016 – A Phase of Transition in Web Design Industry?

In the ever evolving web design industry, you can’t always expect things to stay still. There will be a constant upgrade of new and stimulating concepts, tools and methodologies. Credit goes to the genuine, creative minds who keep rejuvenating industry with fresh yet challenging norms. They come up with the most innovative style every time. If you are among the people who are interested in web design – whether through marketing or online business- you should be sharp-sighted about every industry update so to match the competitive pace. (more…)

5 Investor Pitfalls to Avoid

Pitching to investors can be a challenge that compares to walking on a layer of thin ice. Making a wrong step can instantly sink you to a point you are unable to recover from. Therefore, it is extremely important to avoid pitfalls that can disable your company from being taken seriously when coming to a financing decision. Our team has extensive experience in the industry and has seen many companies falter due to an ability to meet investor requirements. Therefore, we have prepared the top five investor pitfalls to avoid so that you can learn from the mistakes that others have made. (more…)

No Shortcuts to Financial Security – Plan for the Future

It in interesting to realize that one of the most crucial decision once a person starts earning is how to save and invest in the right investments for the future, which often is clouded and difficult to visualise in the current setting. Unexpected incidents happen a lot, and it is needed to be aware and protected against the worst. Interestingly, even though everyone realizes its importance, not everyone tries to be aware of how to make such a decision critically and with a detailed understanding of the background and its issues. (more…)

New Automotive Business Ideas For You In 2016

The automotive sector is a flourishing zone when it comes to latest business start-ups. Added to the big scale vehicle manufacturing and car retailing portals, there are different other avenues here where you can have your own business. It’s one of the most profitable sector no doubt and if you are planning to start something of your own- the post below offers insights on new automotive business ideas. (more…)

The art of saving our planet

Since the beginning of the 21st century, former presidential candidate and vice president Al Gore travelled the world raising awareness about the effects of global warming. In 2006, his world famous movie “An Inconvenient Truth” hit the movie theatres and people from all over the world flocked to the movie theatres to watchthis movie. It showed how the polar ice cap is melting away and demonstrated very real evidence of what will happen if the ice cap disappears completely. Al Gore’s documentary explains that one of the results of the melted polar ice cap is that all of the freshwater willrun into the sea and slow the Gulf Stream down. The worst-case scenario is that the Gulf Stream will eventually stop flowing. The effects on the northern European climate will be catastrophic as the Gulf Stream is responsible for the summers in northern Europe, and without it there is a very real possibility that the warm summer weather will disappear. (more…)

Take Your Business to the Next Level in 2016

With the start of the new year, business owners should be in the throes of tearing apart last year’s performance in order to make 2016 an even better business year. Even if your company had an unimpressive 2015 or it just didn’t live up to your expectations, reviewing the year should not be a painful task for you. This is your opportunity to learn from your failures, mistakes and missteps, so you can take your business to the next level in 2016. While this isn’t the fun part of being a business owner, it is an integral part to being successful. Plus, if owning a business were easy, everybody would do it. (more…)

Business Fundas Metrics

Time to time, we, the management of Business Fundas, find it necessary to audit our website with different tools and report the same. This time, we audited Business Fundas with OptimizeMySite to estimate its visibility in the web and ensure compliance with standards. The following results were obtained.


SEO Tips for Your Ecommerce Site

You’ve come up with a great idea for an online store and have done hours of research about how to set things up. From naming your business to product pricing and choosing a hosting plan with an ecommerce website builder, there are so many details to consider in order to start your business off on the right foot. One thing you may not have thought about is the importance of search engine optimization, or SEO, in the success of your shop. Read on to learn more about search engine optimization and some SEO tips for your ecommerce site that you can use to bring more visitors to your online store. (more…)

Setting up a Franchise in 2016: What Does it Take?

Coming up with your own idea for a business is far easier said than done. Most of the good ideas are already taken, and trying to force a new one into the market can be a major challenge in itself. This is of course why franchises are a very popular route to running your own business. You use someone else’s idea and framework, but your own business acumen and abilities. Attractive indeed, but what does it take to get started? (more…)

A Very Happy New Year 2016

As the years pass by, we need a moment to recollect what we did in this year. Let us connect and recollect where we interacted. What did this mean for Business Fundas, another year in its glorious history. We had a case study published in Harvard. We had grown our followers across digital media by 2.13% to a whopping 1.48 Lakhs subscribers.


What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Do for Your Teeth?

For many people now the term cosmetic dentistry is quite old and common by now, owing to its growing demand and popularity. However, as a branch of dentistry, it is relatively new. While tooth extraction was the primary solution to almost all dental problems even a few decades back, today there are a range of solutions available for different problems. Even when it comes to something as intrinsic as improving the look of someone’s smile, people can do that with such ease that it does not have to feel like an extraordinary task at all. All that is required is a dental practitioner with the expertise of his domain to carry out various procedures. The procedure that has to be followed depends on the specific requirement of the person. (more…)

Finding your way out of a professional dead end

The new year is upon us and with it often comes the time to re-evaluate your life goals, including your professional career. For instance, you might be feeling that you’re not progressing as much as you would have liked. Maybe you’ve been missing out on promotions and all-important pay rises. Worse even, you might be feeling bored and uninspired looking at the prospect of having to spend yet another year stuck in your position. (more…)

Ways to Prevent Falls in the Workplace

Workplace falls injure thousands of workers and cost businesses millions of dollars in compensation every year. Various types of falls occur at ground level and more serious accidents occur when people are working higher up. Either way, a serious fall in the workplace can be a life changing experience. It also has serious repercussions for businesses, especially if they don’t have the appropriate safety measures in place. These are some effective ways to prevent falls in the workplace. (more…)

What to Do if You are Injured at Work

Nobody likes the idea of being injured whilst at work, however sometimes accidents are unavoidable. If you have been injured or hurt in the workplace, you are most likely entitled to worker’s compensation. The vast majority of employers are required by state law to provide worker’s compensation insurance coverage for their employees. If you have been hurt or injured as a result of an accident at work and are wondering what to do next, we’ve put together a few helpful tips in order to protect your legal rights and get the compensation that you are entitled to. (more…)

Signs it’s time to upgrade your security system

Are you the owner or manager of a business? Have you thought about the current state of your security system? Are you completely confident that it is up to date? If not, then now is probably the perfect time to upgrade your security system to protect your business. Security should be of utmost importance for any business. Theft, vandalism and security breaches can not only be costly in terms of repairs, but can seriously impact the operations and credibility of your business. The Chartercom Security team have provided the following ways to observe potential vulnerabilities that could threaten the safety of your business. (more…)

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

In an independent survey conducted by Business Fundas, where we sent a questionnaire to our 20,000+ strong twitter followers consisting mainly of social media marketers, we tried to find the perceived benefits of social media marketing. The responses of the questionnaire were analyzed for understanding the perceived benefits of social media marketing and the responses of the same are demonstrated in the diagram below.

The survey was administered through not only our twitter followers but also to numerous followers and subscribers of our mailing list and finally 534 responses were collected on our questionnaire, all of who are marketing experts on social media websites and have their own online marketing venture.

The responses clearly portray the perceived benefits of social media marketing campaigns by the marketers.

From our personal analysis, it appears that today, social media marketing can become even more fruitful to reach out markets for small businesses targeting social consumers and probably investments on marketing through social networks like Facebook are more likely to generate better results. Also targeted advertisements in search engine (since that is where most consumers first turn to for information query) are also more likely to impact sales conversion figures.

However, bigger firms are more likely to benefit from greater brand awareness, greater brand recall and greater brand association from investments in social media marketing. So purely from a Branding Exercise,  social media marketing makes sense to larger consumer focused service providers or product marketers.

By the way, did you read our article on how to attain success in Social Media Viral Marketing?

Super Protector Plans for Critical Illness

When it rains, it often pours. In today’s scenario, people are often hard pressed when they or their family members suddenly fall ill. However illness is just the tip of the iceberg for the unlucky few but who knows when they fall into that small subset of unlucky ones. For example, the managing director of SAP India, died of heart attack at a very early age. He was at the helm of the Indian operations of the top enterprise software maker since 2007. One never knows, when one may encounter a critical health challenge in life, and so it is important to be ready for these situations. (more…)

Second Mortgage and Bad Credit Loans

Have a bad credit score and need a loan? Faced lots of rejection from banks and other lenders? You may want to consolidate debt, pay off your credit bills or simply complete home renovations – second mortgage is always an excellent option You can consolidate your debt with a second mortgage and hence eliminate your credit card bills and thereby make improvement on your credit rating. (more…)

3 Tips for Successful and Ethical Marketing to Teens

Marketing to kids and teens can be a bit of a sticky situation. Depending on who you talk to, they could have some very passionate feelings about the ways in which youth are being advertised to and how it’s affecting their view of themselves and of the world. While this is an issue worth contemplating, there’s no denying that marketing to kids and teens is going to happen, whether it’s direct or indirect. So if you have a business that could be used by kids or teens, it’s important to know strategies to successfully and ethically market to them. (more…)

The pros and cons of owning or renting your business space

As a business, your primary goal is to grow and prosper. As you continue making your business bigger and more productive, at some point you will need to relocate because you need a bigger space of operation. You have two options in this case: leasing or purchasing a property space. Either method will help you go about getting your commercial space requirement. The right choice will depend on your current finances and business needs combined with where you want to take your company in the future. (more…)

Flexible Space – an Office Essential

Most business owners realise that choosing good business premises is essential. It is a big investment for a company. As a result, most companies take the time to do as much research as possible. They look at many factors when choosing an office. The location, how close it is to their customer base, if there is a good transport network and a long list of other considerations. Of course, these things are all important, but there another element most firms forget completely. Many firms do not consider whether the office space that they are going to lease will provide them with enough flexibility. (more…)


When it comes to landmarks that change the commercial profile of a city, World Trade Centers across the globe clearly come on top of the list. World Trade Centers are synonymous with business growth and development across the world, with the common link of commercial growth connecting a million businesses in 330 cities and 100 countries of the world. As the largest network of office complexes and intellectual capital in the world, the World Trade Center Association fuels the development of businesses by connecting them to other businesses, government agencies, growth opportunities and the pulse of global commerce. (more…)

Five Ways to Jump Start Your eCommerce Business

An online business will have slow periods that have nothing to do with economic conditions. Typically a business owner will find his company in a rut, going through a routine each business day that obviously is not creating any future growth. If your business seems to be treading water, you can look at the following five things to help spark growth in your eCommerce enterprise. (more…)

Top 10 tips to select the best term insurance

Indians are known to be discerning buyers, with a keen eye for the best value from the investment they make. Whether shopping for clothes or a new car, Indians lay heavy emphasis on the overall value proposition, basing their purchase decisions on the product’s durability, quality, price points in comparison to comparable products, depreciation, and so on. (more…)