Cooperation Between Companies

One of the biggest things that you need for success, as the owner of a business or a corporation, is the ability to work with other companies in the industry. You need to be able to cooperate, and you will both be capable of working your way to the top. People often talk about competition, about trying to be better than the other companies and dominate the market. This is what you need from time to time, but this extreme sense of individualism can also be bad for companies when they need help from outside sources. Continue reading

Constant reviewing is the key to a successful business

There are a great many ways to help a business to succeed. Would-be entrepreneurs need to keep an eye on every aspect of the organisation, from the most efficient way to use electricity to the best sanitary bin disposal arrangements. You need to be ticking every box when it comes to establishing commercial services within the workplace. The secret to building a successful organisation is to master the art of constant reviewing. Every single process that your company incorporates should be checked, checked and checked again, and you should never assume that any one of them needs no tweaking. Such an attitude will inevitably lead to a small degree of complacency setting in. Continue reading

Skilled Executives Steer Game Companies to Success

Even during hard economic times, people are often willing to spend money on entertainment. Entertainment can provide a much needed distraction from everyday struggles. In the past, people turned to movie theaters to distract them from their troubles. Now, while fewer people may be spending money on theater tickets, many are still investing in consoles and video games. Yet, gamers who are struggling financially may be selective when it comes to choosing games. Competition among video game companies is somewhat fierce. Driving this competition are some of the gaming industry’s most prominent executives. Each one has employed a different strategy when it comes to attracting players. Continue reading

When to use Big Data Analytics

Big Data refers to the huge volume of both structured and unstructured data that is being generated around the world and holds humongous information. It is one of the frontline response to the requirements surrounding effective information management today. It is predicted that the total data store might rise to 40 zettabytes by the year 2020.So important is this data that participants in the 2012 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, declared it a new class of economic asset. Big Data Analytics refers to the technique of computing this data to uncover patterns and new perspectives that can help businesses take decisions that will have a huge impact in the future . Organizations now need an analytics platform with higher capacity infrastructure at lower costs. From custom modeling and analytics, visualizations and dashboards to master data management and storage considerations such as cloud, the world of Big Data and the imperative to use big analytics will drive a disruptive change in the future of business. Continue reading

How Businesses Can Make the Most of A/B Testing

There are a number of different tools and resources that businesses can use these days to check and improve the effectiveness of vital aspects of the business such as the corporate website. As most companies are well aware, the quality and effectiveness of the business website can have a huge impact on the overall success of the company, which is why it is important to look at measures designed to check and improve this area. Continue reading

Internet Marketing & SEO Workshop 2014

INTRODUCTION: Internet Marketing is the promotion of offerings to reach the target segment by harnessing the power of the internet, leveraging which zillions of web-based ventures (including e-commerce ventures) are sprouting up every day, especially in the West, and creating value with the minimal capital expenditure.  Now, internet marketing can be of “Push” or “Pull” type. Today, web ventures are moving away from the “Push” strategies to the “Pull” strategies through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because of its cost effectiveness and long term benefits. SEO is the process of improving the visibility of web-based offerings in a search engine’s un-paid search results to ensure greater visibility, brand building and targeted traffic from the web and greater revenue generation from sales conversion. The participants of this programme would be exposed to the strategies and critical management issues centred on internet marketing, e-commerce and SEO. Continue reading