5 Liabilities to Consider Before Opening Your Own Restaurant

If you’re a prospective restaurant owner, then there are many factors you need to consider before opening your doors to the public. Although a stellar menu is a top priority, so is familiarizing yourself with all the liabilities that go along with restaurant ownership. Before you dish up the main course, here are 5 liabilities to consider when opening a restaurant. Continue reading

Corporate Investments in Emerging Markets

Some of America’s largest corporations are seeking great opportunities in opening up new locations in other new emerging markets. Additionally, some companies want to invest heavily in the marketplaces that have recently become available due to a change in political situations. Corporate executives travel the world extensively with the hope of making business and political connections in specific regions such as Asia. John Ferraro E&Y is an example of an American executive that builds relationships with Asian countries. Continue reading

Breaking Bad or Good? Political Effects on Businesses

Small businesses have a lot to think about regardless of which Internet and phone communications they use. One question a small business may have to consider is mixing politics with business.  With the reliance of digital communications, businesses are required to have access to business internet presently. When is it good to do so and when should it be avoided. Continue reading

Parsons awarded Qatar rail network consultancy contract

Parsons, an American success story few companies anywhere in the world can begin to emulate, was formed before a time when the likes of a business credit card was further away than a distant twinkle in the eye of Bank of America. Now, 65 years on, the chances are you’re probably no more than a few miles away from an engineering or construction project designed and built by the California-based Corporation. Continue reading

Social Media teaches New Ideas

Social media has taken the world by storm in the past decade. Linkedin has personal profiles that can display the history and integrity of any individual. This is good for people like Scott Reiman. Presidents can display their profiles like Scott on this website. They can then go to other social media accounts to keep up with the latest events. The point to updating this personal profile is so that other companies and businesses can reach out to the person. They can see their entire profile at a page like this. Some social media websites have this integrated into each person’s account, but having a separate website for this information is a little more important. All of the updates in the person’s life is put in another place with a site like this. They are not constantly battling with the front page for status updates. Continue reading

Be your best at interviews

Make sure you don’t sabotage your chances at the interview stage by following a few simple and well-known tips for creating a good impression which, nonetheless, many people forget. The first basic tip to remember when preparing for an interview is to scout out the location first to ensure you know how to get there. Do the journey at least once and then add on an extra 20 minutes travel time on the day to allow for any traffic jams or other unforeseen problems. Continue reading