Yard Sale: Best Option to get Relieved from Unused Household Stuffs

There are lots of unused as well as unorganized household stuffs that are stored in your house since many years. Sometimes, there are stuffs that once purchased went underground (i.e., kept as a treasure) in the home which you don’t even remember.  You can start to organize yard sale events at your garage or farm which will help to reduce clutters from your house. Continue reading

Times Internet inks partnership with Ziff Davis to launch IGN & Askmen in India

Times Internet (TIL), has entered into a strategic partnership with Ziff Davis, Inc. – a leading all-digital media company specializing in the technology, games and men’s lifestyle markets with over 120 million in-market buyers every month. Via this partnership, Times Internet will manage and drive local Indian destinations for IGN (IGN . com) and AskMen (AskMen . com), the premium gaming & men’s lifestyle sites. Continue reading

Why your Business should consider getting a Virtual Data Room

A virtual data room is a major move forward since the digital age descended upon us. It’s an online repository for documents. These can be distributed to the relevant parties as and when required. Venture capitalists, M&A transaction agents, and loan syndicates are the biggest users of virtual data rooms. Indeed virtual data rooms are making their presence felt across all businesses. Continue reading

PAN-India Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive 2013 [EAD’13]

Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur is a non-profit student organisation established with the aim of fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship among college students in India. We are one of the most successful entrepreneurial organizations in the country with over 50 start-ups incubated within 7 years of our inception. We conduct Guest Lectures, Workshops and Business Plan Competitions and provide mentorship and incubation support to aspiring student entrepreneurs. Continue reading

IIT Kharagpur Entrepreneurship Cell

IIT Kharagpur’s Entrepreneurship Cell has been very active in recent times. The agenda to co-create value through channelizing entrepreneurial ideas into actionable and sustainable venture plans is taking a prime importance in rolling out the future of the educational institution. Not with much ado, but with lots of fanfare, these events promise to be enlightening, to say the least. Check out these events, we are sure you will like them. These events are the cornerstone of the strategic management leaders of the future. Continue reading

Online Business Calls for Effective Social Media Management

If you are the owner of an online business, you really have a busy life. Every day, some of your works include checking and replying to e-mails, making a few online business updates, writing a few sales materials or shooting out e-newsletters and meeting some colleagues. Online business owners have to ignore most of their personal matters, and contend with the numerous duties throughout the day. Managing all the tasks well is quite tough and challenging. Continue reading