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Business Cartoons – Work Life Balance

Are you maintaining a good work life balance? Most kids of working professionals have a degree of insecurity, despite the time you may think you are carving out for them. Do remember, work life balance not only keeps the harmony in your home but also improves the longevity of hard working professionals. What do you… Read More

Business Cartoons – Careers

Do you plan out your career? A most common question in the interview is where do you see yourself in the next 5 or 10 years. Any thoughts on that? Most people fumble when asked this simple question that often makes or breaks a career.

Office Cartoons – Coffee Break

Some of our colleagues always seem busy loitering around the coffee vending machine. Despite their apparently not working as hard as some of the others, they always seem to do just great. What can be their secret success story? The road to success is not an easy one to travel. To achieve it, some professionals… Read More

Business Cartoon – Survival during recession

So what would you do if your firm is facing problems from lowered revenue generation due to a dip in market conditions? If your boss breathing fire over your back, especially if you are in the sales division? Possibly although you are doing your best, still the sales of the company is dipping. Even if… Read More

Business Cartoon – Internet

So how important is the internet to your daily life? And how do you use it regularly? Check out this hilarious cartoon on how the internet changes our lives and connects us together.


The question “Why a MBA” is one that haunts both MBA aspirants and recruiters. Today slowly MBA is becoming a fad which often delivers much less substance to the business and is mostly about the way the little that is delivered is packaged. The problem is that this issue is also getting recognized by aspiring… Read More

Cartoon in Economics – Job performance

Ever thought how your boss may react if you went upto him after your appraisal if you didn’t like it and reacted in this manner? Of course, your boss may not be pleasantly surprised, but I am sure he will get the message. Just hope you have contingency plans if you follow this for your… Read More